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City Stories Company Member Chloe Mashiter is doing a new show...

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Object Love

Someone’s ex is the building you’re in.Someone’s partner is a car outside.Someone’s in love with the font you’re reading right now.Objectum-sexuality: an orientation where people are attracted to objects. Following exclusive interviews with objectum-sexuals, Dissolve Theatre present an honest insight into these unusual, surprising and moving relationships.Telling love stories unlike any others seen onstage, Object Love explores the difficulties, joys and practicalities of OS relationships, giving a rare insight into a little-known orientation. An introduction to three people and their object partners, the show brings together live music with stories of love, loss, determination and sacrifice, in a uniquely site-specific performance.

Object Love is running from 28 Jan - 1 Feb at VAULT Festival in Waterloo, with 6.15pm performances and 1.45pm matinees on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are £9.50, with all tickets 2-4-1 on opening night, and can be bought here:

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