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We asked: what is City Stories? People from the world of Music and Theatre told us what they think

Prior to our next shows on October 27th -28th we wanted to let you know more about what City Stories is like. So we asked some people from the theatre and music worlds who have seen it to sum up the show in a sentence (or two...)

And this is what they said:

Soumik Datta, Musician and Composer:

"City Stories is a musical cascade of dreams with characters that are at once intensely familiar and yet removed, almost enchanted."

Haydn Gwynne, Actor:

"Neither musical nor cabaret, this is something really different - and as strange, romantic, and surprising as the city itself."

Marcus Markou, Film Director:

"I loved City Stories. Simple story telling about the real magic in all our lives. I walked out into the London night believing anything was possible!"

Tamara Harvey, Theatre Director:

“Seeing City Stories is like slipping into a beautiful dream of London: poetic, romantic, full of haunting music.”

Sally Dexter, Actor:

"Our great cities can make us feel small , alone, scared , without hope of contact or empathy. Yet behind every person we don't look at, within everyone we rush brush or push by there are stories - and we miss them, they remain untold , until now! Oh, And it's FUNNY-!!!”

Richard G Mitchell, Ivor Novello Award Winning Composer:

"City Stories uses an elegant mix of music and drama in an incredibly refreshing way ... touching, personal tales from the city observed in cinemascope”

Bernhard Schimpelsberger, Percussionist, Composer:

"City Stories takes you on musical journey of discovery into the heart of life and relationships"

Alan Lane, Artistic Director of Slung Low:

"What James is doing with City Stories is an extended love letter to a city he adores. And the extraordinary thing is that, through experiencing those stories built on the talent of the performers, you can't help but start to adore the city yourself. Which isn't something I ever thought I'd say. Truly transformative theatre in that it shifts the perception of a place you thought you knew."

Rowena Sian Morgan, Music Industry Consultant:

"City Stories: Some stories relate to you on a real level, some are almost sci-fi and all the way through your attention is gripped by the drama whilst your soul is massaged and haunted by wondrous music and songs. "

Les Kneeling, Music Industry Veteran:

'Being more musically inclined I've never seen a theatrical production more than once...currently I'm considering going to City Stories for a third time. Rosabella's music not only made the piece accessible to me, it draws the whole thing together and speaks with it's own voice.'

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